Come to the FINAL Horizon2040 Meeting!

When: August 29th, 6 – 9 pm
Where: TD Convention Center, Room 102 C
See meeting flyer here. Feel free to print and share.

Horizon2040 is the latest update to the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). Every Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required to have a LRTP that is reviewed and updated over time. GPATS reviews the LRTP every five years and updates it every ten. Click here to learn more about the current GPATS Long Range Transportation Plan.

This particular update began with a kick-off meeting on September 7th, 2016. Since then, we held eight sub-regional meetings in October to hear everyone’s wants and needs, hosted an online MetroQuest survey, sent out a statistically valid survey, and conducted another nine sub-regional meetings in May and June. The last set of meetings allowed us to get your thoughts on our draft project recommendations. We took what we heard and worked with it to finalize our list of project recommendations and have now scheduled the final Horizon2040 Long Range Transportation Plan meeting! Please join us on August 29th to see what your input has generated and give us your thoughts!

Thank you everyone who has participated and made your wants and needs known. Below you can find reports from our first set of public meetings, the surveys we sent out, and a State of the Region Report. Check them out and contact Brennan Hansley, Transportation Planner, at (864) 467-7270 or email her at bhansley@greenvillecounty.org if you have any questions or comments.


Public Engagement Reports